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helping parents find casting opportunities for their children

Ashlee Collova Talent Solutions (ACTS) is an online Australian children's casting service helping parents find casting opportunities for their children in films, television series, commercials, music videos, fashion campaigns, catalogues, advertising stills and packaging, voice over recordings and fashion shows, at an affordable price.

NOTICE: Sorry, but our books are currently closed. If you wish to be notified when our membership reopens or if you have any questions please email us on info@myacts.online

As a member of our casting service...

  •  Your child will have a profile set up on our website. Your child's profile includes basic statistics, photos/videos, a biography, work experience, special skills, a list of classes/workshops they have attended and references. 

  • Once your child's profile is complete it will be listed in our database making it available to the companies and creatives who use our service to source talent. 

  • Our team will contact you if your child receives an offer from a company or creative and you will have the option to accept or decline. All work obtained through our service is on a freelance basis. 

$120 for 12 Months

Talent Profile



Information to consider before you apply

Disclaimer: Ashlee Collova Talent Solutions (ACTS) is NOT a talent agency and we do not represent any talent listed on our website. Our service provides a platform to facilitate the casting process and all work obtained through our service is on a freelance basis only.

Eligibility: Children based in Australia between the ages of four weeks and sixteen years with parental/guardian permission are eligible to join. 

Membership: The membership term is for a period of 12 months for a fee of $120. 

Guarantee: No amount of casting opportunities or employment can be guaranteed. 


  • In NSW/VIC we receive regular casting opportunities for fashion campaigns, advertising stills and commercials, films and television. 

  • In WA/QLD  we receive casting opportunities for boutique stores and independent productions for films, TV and music videos. 

  • In NT/SA/TAS/ACT we sometimes receive casting opportunities for boutique stores and independent film and tv productions.  

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